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of rocks and god

Part of a collaboration series with writer Joy Surles

Installation using rocks, cicadas, motor, twine

Our mission is to bridge the troubling gap between rocks and god. Early humans would arrange rocks in places where they encountered gods, creating stacks, circles, towers, more. 

Fossils give us clues about the history of the rocks in which they are found, and rocks arranged in sequences tell us something. We can listen to the narrative by observing the layers – exploring the imprint of an ancient wing, for instance, or the shape of an insect, trapped. 

Is all of creation cursed? Natural events like volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes bring destruction, but often, rocks remain unmoved. Are the fossils in these rocks traces of an ancient sin? Some would say no, but the list we have of created things is brief. 

Rocks are an autobiography. Gods behave like the people who make them, but the rocks tell a story.


Text by Joy Surles

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